La Maison de la Culture, un Monument d’exception classé Unesco !
Candidature UNESCO

Construite entre 1961 et 1965, c’est la première réalisation du centre culturel et sportif destiné à compléter le nouveau quartier de Firminy-Vert démarré en 1954....
Le stade L'église
La piscine

The Firminy-Vert arts and sports centre includes the Maison de la Culture, the stadium and the swimming pool. In 1955, the architect Le Corbusier was commissioned to design it by the Mayor at the time, Eugène Claudius-Petit.

When Le Corbusier died in 1965, the design of the building was entrusted to André Wogenscky, his closest assistant from 1936 to 1956. Construction work took place from 1969 to 1971.

Wogenscky (1916-2004) also designed an apartment building in Firminy, the Foyer Clairvivre workers’ hostel in Saint-Etienne, the Maison de la Culture in Grenoble, and other completed projects in France and abroad. In 1989, he received the national Grand Prix d’Architecture.
Here, he adopts forms and materials similar to those employed by Le Corbusier for the Maison de la Culture and the stadium.
Protected as a Historic Monument, the swimming pool was restored from 2006 to 2008. It is still in use, but it not included in the guided tour.

Click here to see Wogenscky’s municipal swimming pool

La piscine

Originally planned by Le Corbusier in the arts and sports centre in Firminy-Vert, it was finally designed by André Wogenscky after the architect died.