La Maison de la Culture, un Monument d’exception classé Unesco !
Candidature UNESCO

Construite entre 1961 et 1965, c’est la première réalisation du centre culturel et sportif destiné à compléter le nouveau quartier de Firminy-Vert démarré en 1954....


In 1954, the town of Firminy launched the project to create a modern neighbourhood called “Firminy-Vert”. Construction of the 1,077 apartments for a total of 3,500 people lasted from 1957 to 1961.


In 1954, Firminy was faced with a population explosion. With the arrival of the new mayor Eugène Claudius-Petit, formerly post-war France’s Minister for Reconstruction of and Urban Planning, the Firminy-Vert neighbourhood was born.

This new modern neighbourhood received France’s Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme in 1961. The architects Charles Delfante, Jean Kling, Marcel Roux and André Sive applied the major precepts of the Athens Charter, which was published by Le Corbusier in 1941.
Firminy-Vert provides innovative facilities and amenities concentrated in one single complex, which was unique for the time, including schools, a supermarket, communal clothes-dryers, a district heating system, France’s first automatic launderette, and an arts and sports centre!
Anticipating the importance of the motor car, pedestrian paths are separated from roads, and the modern buildings are surrounded by areas of greenery.

The entire complex is now protected as urban heritage.