Exhibitions 2020


Until 15th November 2020

“Pas de deux – Arlette and Marc Simon”

Contemporary ceramics


Arlette and Marc Simon are two ceramists, who currently live and work in the Auvergne region, not far from the Site Le Corbusier.

They created this exhibition to show how their work was influenced by Le Corbusier’s work in Firminy. Indeed, they lived in the 1970s in the Housing Unit and learned their craft in the Cultural Centre.

As though they live together and work in the same workshop, their arts come from different universes. This exhibition reflects this “Pas de deux”, this sculptural ballet.


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Arlette and Marc Simon


Modulor Arlette Simon, Arlette Simon

Mural orange et noir, Arlette et Marc Simon

Bustes, Marc Simon